Friday, June 20, 2008

And here it begins...

Well, I have finally started my blog - better late than never, I suppose. I've struggled to find the time to fit this in, so I worry that I will be able to keep this up.

It is definitely a worthwhile activity though - I can see many applications just within the area I work. My main aim of learning about all of this new technology is to harness it to engage colleagues, improve collaboration and sharing of information. There are many team-based activities that could be enhanced with a blog. We could take a web 2.0 approach in the development of procedures, both within the branch and across the Library.

Similarly, as many other Library blogs have noted, these are useful tools to engage with the clients of the Library. In fact, many of our clients will come to expect the progression to web 2.0 technology from an information-savvy institution such as the Library.

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