Saturday, June 27, 2009


Had some trouble with this exercise, getting the Delicious link into my blog. Finally worked it out though. I'm finding that as I am doing this a year after the course was officially running, that some of the instructions/advice is now out of date. Consequently it is easy to be steered in the wrong direction. The resources we are using are constantly upgrading and improving their services, so the best approach is to just follow my nose as it were.

Delicious has a real benefit for my branch, as we are all scattered throughout two, sometimes three work areas. The majority of people have to share PCs, which means they need to re-set their desktop, bookmarks etc for every PC they are likely to use. This is a major time-waster. It also means when you add a new bookmark to one PC, you then need to remember to add it to all the other computers you may use in the future....

It also has great potential for the sharing of relevant websites. However, we do need to consider the fact that we are creating more and more online content for people to study, and yet there are no more extra hours in the day. In addition, a large number of staff spend little of their working day at a PC. After checking their emails, the intranet and the library blogs, what time is left to them to explore...?

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